Prep for Costa Rica

While B-rad and I were married in October, we (finally) took our honeymoon this past week. It was awesome and I’m definitely going to post about it 🙂 but this left the problem of what do to with the plants.  We have friends here but none of them live close enough to ask them to come and water.IMG_0703B-rad is better at this type of problem solving. He went to Home Depot and found the raindrip system. It is meant for out door hoses, but we found a connector and hooked it up to the sink. I put the setting for every 2 days and for 3 minutes.  IMG_0702 B-rad and Chicken Nugget setting up the little hoses. The system is pretty cool, it came with different connectors which made it easy to run the water to all of the plants. IMG_0709Chicken Nugget helping out/poking holes into the dirt. Kids loves dirt 🙂IMG_0704  Tomatoes are doing great. You can see the hoses, they are quite small and B-rad attached them to rail with zip ties.  IMG_0706Also, my cucumbers are doing great. They are attached vines to the railing and the flowers are coming along nicely.

We got back yesterday and I am happy to report the plants are huge.  I am going to take some pictures once it stops raining (rain in San Diego, finally).


Newly Sown Seeds

IMG_0635In seeing the success of my seedlings, I ordered heirloom seeds for flowers and lettuce. The flowers are edible and I need some mixed lettuce to go with my tomatoes and cucumbers. I ordered the seeds from Food52 #myf52 the link is below.


Since these came as standard packs of seeds, I did some research on how to start them up. I went to and did some research to find these window green houses. I would love to have my own beautiful green house but alas my porch is not big enough. These were less than $3 and they are reusable. Home Depot sells the peat moss disks  or the plastic is recyclable. These are the disks after I poured 1 3/4 cups of water on them. The moss is not organic but there aren’t any fertilizers listed.

IMG_0636The instructions had me pull the netting open gently. I then fluffed the moss and put my seeds in. I did all of the flowers; Borage, Chamomile, Calendula, Marigolds, and Glorious Gleam Nasturtium. I also planted the mixed salad and the spotted trout lettuce.


The covers went on and I put them on the windowsill in an area that doesn’t get quite as much sun. I am planning on growing the lettuce behind my tomatoes. Hopefully once they fill out they will block the sun for the lettuce.