A Beach Day: Torrey Pines State Park


Visiting Torrey Pines state beach is always beautiful. Shamefully, we don’t live far from the beach and hardly ever go. Weekends are often packed with tourists, which isn’t a bad thing but it makes our pool desirable on hot days. Since it is not tourist season, we decided to hit up the beach Sunday. Torrey Pines has parking, but there is free street parking close by. There are bathrooms and outside showers.IMG_0649

Torrey Pines also has some great hiking. The cliff there has trails that lead down the beach. If you are in the area and enjoy hiking, I definitely recommend checking it out. I believe it is $10 to park. There are also restrooms at the beginning of the trail.


I’m working on taking pictures of the sun/horizon. I think I need a flare cover, you can see a flare on the bottom left. IMG_0665

The beach here is small but has great rocks. We went when the tide was coming in, which was cool for us because we could easily pick a spot and move back as the water came closer. IMG_0652

A lonely seagull on the beach. Keep your food hidden/wrapped, these guys are brazen when it comes to stealing. IMG_0661

Surfers hanging out. I didn’t catch any of them up on their boards but some of them were pretty good! The water was too cold for my liking but lots of surfers were out. I used my telephoto lens for this shot, I need to work on the light using this lens. I find my pictures are often dark, I’m guessing I need to open up the aperture. IMG_0666Good bye beach 🙂 Until next time.

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Take a Hike: Calavera Lake


On beautiful days like this, I am glad to live in SoCal. We spent the afternoon hiking at Calavera Lake in Carlsbad. The great thing about hiking here – it’s free and Chicken Nugget release out all of that 5 year old energy. While San Diego is a city and it’s mostly apartment life, great nature is usually close by.


IMG_0398 IMG_0401  IMG_0405  IMG_0413IMG_0415IMG_0408IMG_0406   IMG_0421 IMG_0424 IMG_0425IMG_0423

It’s also a volcano – how awesome is that! Chicken nugget immediately asked if we could go inside the volcano, there wasn’t any lava so it made sense to want to go in it. We told him the fence was up and fences mean we can’t go inside. That seemed to work as a reason.

B-rad’s friend from high school lives out here and knows all the good hiking trails. While I’m definitely sore, it was such a great hike. Parking is free and we got the advice to park in the neighborhood as there are more people around to “watch” your car. Parking on the street can apparently encourage break ins as thieves know you likely won’t be returning to your car anytime soon.

For this hike, running shoes are fine. There are also some great mountain biking trails. Bring lots of water and sunscreen as that California sun is hot. There also are not any bathrooms.

Links and information on the trails:




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