Easter Weekend in the Country

The front yard across the street from the canal. To the left of me, cotton was planted.

Growing up in New Hampshire was very different than the life of my family who lives in the Central Valley area of California. For most of my summers in high school, we would come out to visit family and my dad while he was living here. My yearbook was filled with “say hi to all the movie stars!” or “have a great time at the beaches!” but that was not where I was going. Much like when people talk about New York they mean the city, when people speak about California they often don’t mean the farm valley where life is a little harder. IMG_0687Since we lived 45 minutes outside of Boston, we didn’t have a 4H club or compete in farm competitions. I didn’t know anyone who lived on a farm in NH but in California’s Central Valley everyone is connected to farm life – my Uncle manages a well digging team for farms, my cousin’s girlfriend works in a diary lab, and there are fields as far as the eye can see.IMG_0689It was interesting to leave city life and head to the country to hear about various things affecting the state, mainly the severe drought we are experiencing. Most of the water in the state is used for agriculture. If you ask them, they blame city water usage – specifically places like golf courses. Saving water will certainly need to be a joint effort.IMG_0684 It was great to see my family and visit the place where I used to spent my summers. I spent a lot of time thinking, and learning about myself which was easy because I wasn’t connected – I spent a lot of my summer writing letters to my friends back home, no one had email. Coming here, and really of the traveling I’ve done, has definitely allowed for the realization that perspective is important and keeping an open mind even more so. “Travel brings power and love back into your life.” Rumi