The Ups and Downs

I realized that I really enjoy updating this blog and I don’t do it enough. That I really don’t use my camera enough and it’s something that I enjoy doing and learning about. So I’m going to spend more time doing both and now onward.

In looking at my plants, I realized the watermelons were not really growing which is probably the only down with the plants I’m seeing. They weren’t doing bad but they aren’t growing in the same the cucumbers and tomatoes are. I started watching the sun and I’m thinking the cucumbers were blocking it. I flipped them around and they seem to be doing better. I also used some rods to encourage the cucumbers to grow up rather than taking over the whole planter. They have been growing crazy vines which makes it easy to have them grow up the rods.


When we came back from vacation the flowers on the cucumber plant were turning into cucumbers! Very exciting! I’m guessing in a few weeks we should have some cucumbers.



The tomato plant also has started to flower. It is also huge – it’s taller than I am. I don’t set the bar really high only being 5’0″ but still they are huge.


Last update, some of the flower seeds I planted have started to bloom.



Regrowing an Orchid

Regrowing my Orchid

For my birthday last year, B-rad bought be this beautiful purple orchid. He came home on his lunch break – he cleaned the apartment, set up our little table, placed the orchid on said table with my card, and planned a dinner. It was wonderful. We kept the flowers in bloom for a while, then slowly they fell off.

I saddened at the thought of not having this gift anymore. It was such a beautiful plant and it reminded me of my wonderful birthday celebration. Thankfully, with the internet anything is possible (seriously, what did I do before google). I followed the directions from the link below and a new bloom has arrived.

IMG_0437I’m not really sure why, but two side buds fell off – you can see them in the top picture. I’m hoping the ones next to the bloom open up too!


The flash may have been a little too harsh. Next time I’ll note to use a different fstop or play with the ISO. I also want to try bouncing the flash next time to soften the light.IMG_0566
There are gorgeous textures and the flower is beautiful with intricacy. I’m thrilled that it has bloomed again. Orchids are not a cheap flower and regrowing them to experience their beauty is such a gift.

“Where flowers bloom so does hope.” Lady Bird Johnson